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Cash Flow Benefits:

Rental Payments can be tailored as per your specific cash flow & budgetary needs Payments can be Monthly Advance, Quarterly Advance, After month end, etc.

Freedom of Selection:

Renting IT Assets allows you to select on Different Configurations & Age (New/Pre-used) as per your requirement instead of restrictive buying options what your budget allows at that point of time.

Eliminate Risk of Obsolescence:

Renting Assets allows you to upgrade technology in a way more cost-effective manner, which can be too expensive in case of Buying IT Assets. We provide Free Upgrades of IT Assets at end of rental tenure if clients wish to return the old assets.

Zero Cost of Maintenance:

When you buy any IT Assets, it is a machine, and it will require its maintenance and that costs can sometime eat a lot of capital. However, renting assets with us will eliminate your maintenance costs completely. We Provide End-to-end Maintenance free with our Rental Solutions.

Short Term Aspects:

Renting is most preferred option when it comes to Exhibitions, Presentations, Promotions, or to meet a sudden need to Increase in workloads. It is most Optimal options to rent in all these situations rather than outright purchase.

Asset-Light Business:

Renting IT Assets makes business asset light and allows the company it’s flexibility of Plug Play Style of operations. This allows optimum use of Capital and proves to be more beneficial in terms where business is uncertain and stability is also a problem.

Tax Benefits:

When business buy IT Assets like Computers & Printers, they must Capitalize those assets and cannot be claimed fully under taxation. However, Rental Expenses can be fully claimed against their business Income. This allows business to save lots of Taxes.


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